Popular countries for tourists: февраля 2021

воскресенье, 7 февраля 2021 г.


Belek is a resort and city in Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the National Reserve. Belek is a calm and quiet city 25 km from Antalya airport.

A young resort in Turkey with good infrastructure, comfortable beaches and modern hotels. The city is famous for its unique nature, cedar groves, pine forests, and extensive golf courses. A respectable audience rests here, high-quality and expensive service dominates. As a result, there are not many young people here. 
Traditionally for the Anatolian coast, the season here lasts from May to the end of September. In summer, the weather is hot (up to +40), dry and calm, you can swim until mid-October (rain is possible). In winter, the temperature rarely drops to +10. 

The city center is located 40 kilometers from Antalya airport. It is very convenient: regular buses and taxis run. You can order a transfer in advance. In the season, the cost of air tickets to Antalya from Russia is not high. There are many charter flights that sell unsold tickets at a good discount. 
Turkey is famous for its “street food”. Respectable Belek was no exception. Small street cafes are concentrated on the main streets of the city, where you can taste the famous kebab, kleftiko (lamb baked in a stone oven), traditional fried hamsa fish with white bread. 

The restaurant menu is varied and exquisite. The choice is not limited to Turkish or European cuisine. There are restaurants with Indian, Greek or Pan-Asian food (in most cases, the taste and ingredients are as authentic as possible). The main menu of the restaurants is fish and seafood. 


Dalaman is a small town with a population of 20 thousand people at the same time in the south-west of Turkey. Dalaman is a Turkish resort on the Aegean coast.

Dalaman is a young resort that is gradually gaining popularity. In fact, it is a small city with a population of 20 thousand people near the airport. Among tourists, its small suburb - Sarigerme is in great demand. There are not so many vacationers here, the main feature of this place is not hotels and historical sites, but unique nature and citrus plantations. Those who like to have fun will be bored here; rest in this area is designed for families with small children and retirees.

There is its own airport 6 kilometers from the city, but direct flights from Russia go only in summer (charter). In the rest of the year, you can fly by Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul or Ankara, or choose your own flight by making a transfer. You can get to the city by regular bus or order a transfer in advance.
Even in inconspicuous fishing villages, you will find a dozen taverns and street nooks where you can buy the freshest and very tasty food. Dalaman is no exception. Turkish cuisine is a blend of oriental and Mediterranean cuisine, rich in vegetables, herbs, spices and seafood. Be sure to try local sweets: Turkish delight, baklava, halva and the famous long-lasting ice cream-dondruma, prepared according to a strange secret recipe.

There are not many tourist attractions in the city except for the warm Mediterranean Sea and beautiful nature. If you want something historical, there are ruins of ancient settlements near the city: Lissay, Lidai, Kriya. There were no archaeological excavations here, so you will not see an “open-air museum” with a paid entrance and a guide, but the opportunity to see the ruins of ancient cities in “natural conditions”.
There are not so many entertainments in Dalaman: there are no animation, discos, shopping centers and other companions of hotel recreation. At the disposal of holidaymakers sea and mountains. Alternatively, you can go trekking or cycling if you get tired of relaxing on the beach.


Bodrum is a resort and city in Turkey, on the Aegean Sea. Bodrum is the birthplace of Herodotus, a sailing center and a favorite destination for bohemian audiences from all over the world.

Bodrum is considered the most bohemian and sophisticated resort in Turkey. It is located opposite the Greek island of Kos, and its shores are washed by the Aegean Sea. It is believed that this is a truly Greek resort with a unique climate, beaches with golden sand and a touch of history (Bodrum is the former Greek city of Halicarnassus, where the eponymous mausoleum was built, one of the seven wonders of the world). The resort is famous for its rich club life, in the evenings at discos there is nowhere to fall, the frequent winds have turned the coast into the best places for surfing. In the immediate vicinity there are many cozy bays, where the wind does not reach at all, excellent places for families with children.

There are two ways to get to the resort: from Bodrum airport (40-45 minutes on the way), or from Dalaman airport (4 hours on the way), depending on which airport is cheaper. By the way, the city airport is famous for one of the most expensive duty-free in the world, it is better to stock up on everything necessary for the flight in advance. From the Greek island of Kos from April to October, ferries go to Bodrum (approximate price in both directions - 40 euros).
Turkey loves to eat, so you won't be deprived of a choice of cafes and restaurants. The most popular are small fish restaurants run by families. Our advice: do not be lazy to walk a little further than the tourist area, there are special places where you can have a snack. In such restaurants, guests are met by the owner himself, the service is more cordial and sincere, the dishes are tastier, and the prices are slightly lower.

Alp Kaptan is a small, family-run restaurant in the city center. The cuisine is traditional for Turkish establishments: a lot of vegetables, lamb and spices, and one serving can feed several people. There are many restaurants with similar cuisine nearby, but this one is worth choosing: a few minutes to the water, portions are the most generous.

Mado is a great choice if you want to taste local sweets. Istanbul ice cream, kurabiye cookies, Turkish delight, baklava and a host of other delicious things with delicious coffee and a picturesque terrace overlooking the sea.
Modern Bodrum stands on the site of ancient Halicarnassus, thanks to which it has become almost an open-air museum. A lot of monuments of Antiquity have been preserved here, together with the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, or rather what remains of it. It stood for 19 centuries and was destroyed by an earthquake. As a result, what was left was pulled apart piece by piece, leaving solid ruins. But nevertheless, it is great to see the remains of the legendary history and see with your own eyes confirmation of the existence of this Wonder of the World.


Dalyan is a city and resort on the Aegean coast of Turkey, and in the past a fishing village. A small protected resort area is located at the mouth of the Dalyan River.

Dalyan is Turkish Venice. This small resort town is cut by tiny streams and straits with icy water. This geographical feature makes the city very picturesque and the public transport diverse. Traveling on tiny boats is more interesting than taxis and bicycles.
Dalyan has a rich historical heritage. During the Byzantine period, it was a major seaport. Many ruins have survived to this day, indicating that the city was very rich and developed. Nowadays, because of the abundance of thermal springs, comfortable climate (there is no sweltering heat here), silence and low prices, British pensioners have chosen.

The nearest airport is in Dalaman, 29 kilometers away. During the tourist season (May-September) you can get there by charter flights from Russia. The rest of the time, you can change trains in Istanbul or take a bus or train from there.
You can get from the airport by bus, taxi or by a pre-booked transfer.
Dalyan is a small town, but the choice of cafes is huge. There are many street food stalls for quick and inexpensive snacks and family restaurants with thoughtful cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere and generous portions.

By the way, in most family restaurants there is no menu at all. There are several dishes that can be ordered today and changing snacks (soft cheese, vegetables, herbs, olives). Despite the seeming scarcity of the cuisine, everything is very tasty, satisfying and more than varied!

The ruins of the ancient city of Kavn are a must see in the suburb of Dalyan. It was inhabited by Greek colonies in Antiquity. Now curious tourists can take a look at the age-old ruins. As with any open-air museum in Turkey, you will see the ruins of an amphitheater, market squares and residential buildings. This is a great place if you want to touch the ancient history.


Kemer is a resort and small town on the Mediterranean coast, Turkey. It is a popular and affordable resort for anyone looking to relax by the sea.

As often happens with resort towns, only 30 years ago Kemer was a quiet fishing village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and now it has become the most popular holiday destination in Turkey. There is everything for a good vacation: warm sea, clean beaches, a large selection of hotels and restaurants, picturesque nature. Our compatriots are very fond of this modest city, so most of the staff speaks Russian.

The mild Mediterranean climate gives the warm sea until the end of September, the season begins in May and early June. In winter, many hotels and restaurants are closed for the holidays; the embankment is practically deserted. But if you decide to enjoy the sea and the silence at this particular time of the year, you will be provided with quality and inexpensive service.
If you are traveling on your own, the most convenient way to get there is from Antalya Airport, which is located 42 kilometers from the city. True, there is no direct connection between the city and the airport; it is cheaper and more convenient to get to Antalya by bus, and from there take a bus to Kemer. It's a little journey. Or you can order a transfer or rent a car.