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Belek is a resort and city in Turkey on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the National Reserve. Belek is a calm and quiet city 25 km from Antalya airport.

A young resort in Turkey with good infrastructure, comfortable beaches and modern hotels. The city is famous for its unique nature, cedar groves, pine forests, and extensive golf courses. A respectable audience rests here, high-quality and expensive service dominates. As a result, there are not many young people here. 
Traditionally for the Anatolian coast, the season here lasts from May to the end of September. In summer, the weather is hot (up to +40), dry and calm, you can swim until mid-October (rain is possible). In winter, the temperature rarely drops to +10. 

The city center is located 40 kilometers from Antalya airport. It is very convenient: regular buses and taxis run. You can order a transfer in advance. In the season, the cost of air tickets to Antalya from Russia is not high. There are many charter flights that sell unsold tickets at a good discount. 
Turkey is famous for its “street food”. Respectable Belek was no exception. Small street cafes are concentrated on the main streets of the city, where you can taste the famous kebab, kleftiko (lamb baked in a stone oven), traditional fried hamsa fish with white bread. 

The restaurant menu is varied and exquisite. The choice is not limited to Turkish or European cuisine. There are restaurants with Indian, Greek or Pan-Asian food (in most cases, the taste and ingredients are as authentic as possible). The main menu of the restaurants is fish and seafood. 

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