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Kemer is a resort and small town on the Mediterranean coast, Turkey. It is a popular and affordable resort for anyone looking to relax by the sea.

As often happens with resort towns, only 30 years ago Kemer was a quiet fishing village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and now it has become the most popular holiday destination in Turkey. There is everything for a good vacation: warm sea, clean beaches, a large selection of hotels and restaurants, picturesque nature. Our compatriots are very fond of this modest city, so most of the staff speaks Russian.

The mild Mediterranean climate gives the warm sea until the end of September, the season begins in May and early June. In winter, many hotels and restaurants are closed for the holidays; the embankment is practically deserted. But if you decide to enjoy the sea and the silence at this particular time of the year, you will be provided with quality and inexpensive service.
If you are traveling on your own, the most convenient way to get there is from Antalya Airport, which is located 42 kilometers from the city. True, there is no direct connection between the city and the airport; it is cheaper and more convenient to get to Antalya by bus, and from there take a bus to Kemer. It's a little journey. Or you can order a transfer or rent a car.

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